Tennessee Center for Reiki Training  -    Beth Simmons Stapor PhD ~ Reiki Master Teacher
The International Center for Reiki Training    
 has numerous pages of information on Reiki, classes offerred by its teachers (Beth is one of these), articles written, a webstore, etc.  One of the largest and most recognized websites on the subject of Reiki in the world.

Explaining Reiki to Christians
Are you a Christian and not sure whether taking a Reiki class would interfer with any of your religious beliefs?  Check the articles out on this site.  If you are a Reiki Practitioner or Teacher, this site will be helpful to you in answering question related to religion and Reiki.

Reiki in Hospitals
Various articles written by medical professionals on using Reiki in a hospital setting.

International Center for Reiki Training Reiki Membership Association
This is an association for Reiki Practitioners to join.  Many times ICRT and Sandy receive requests for Reiki Practitioners in other parts of Florida and other states.  By becoming associated with Reiki Membership Association, a person can click on the above link and find Reiki Practitioners in the area they are seeking.  To become a member of this association, click on the link, read about the Reiki Membership Association and follow its guidelines to register yourself or find a Reiki practitioner.